William Sellars

We came across William Sellar’s work in the States like a number of other artists Bert Irvin in the UK springs to mind, his work really seemed to flower in his later years. We were sad to hear of his death in 2019 and attach a quote below taken from his obituary in his local paper in Rochester New York. He was much appreciated in the 1960’s but his take on late modernism at the end of his career retains a compelling contemporary vitality in the tonality of his colour and its composition. So it remains a genuine extension of the genre.

‘Bill served in the U.S. Army just after the Korean War and at the completion of his service, he pursued an education in Fine Arts which culminated in a MFA from the University of Michigan. Bill spent the beginning of his career in the role of educator and taught at Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Rochester, Hunter College and was the Artist in Residence at Carleton College. From there, he transitioned into being a project manager and fabricator for his long-time friend and colleague, Wendell Castle. A sculptor for the majority of his career, later in life Bill switched to painting as his medium of choice and produced a large body of work that survives him today. 

His work has been shown and is included in the collections of numerous Museums and Galleries, including the Whitney Museum of Art (participating in Biennial Shows of 1966 & 1968), Albright Knox Museum, Detroit Institute of Arts, Rochester Memorial Art Gallery, Max Hutchinson Gallery, Stephen Radich Gallery, Rochester Pyramid/ROCO Galleries, Oxford Gallery, Mercer Gallery and Warren Phillips Gallery.’