Laura Migotto

Laura Migotto lives and works in Rome where she graduated from the Artistic Lyceum and Academy of Fine Arts. She began her artistic career as a set and costume designer for theater and television. In 1982 she created an artistic laboratory producing graphics, painting and sculpture drawing upon her work in illustration and advertising. She founded TANGRAM, her current studio in 1984. Here she specializes, in traditional expressive techniques (oils on canvas and wood, acrylics, cement, metals, recycled wood, terracotta and enamels), but also includes information and digital technology that she uses for the creation and manipulation of images both painted and photographic. In each of her works she tries to enclose a made history from an expression and a gesture, an object or a symbol, a phrase or a combination of numbers. All of these elements, or the use of only one of them is crafted to engage the observer, to attract his interest, to transmit magnetism and to stimulate the human imagination, orienting the viewer to interpret what he or she observes. Her work is aimed at bringing out significant aspects of the depths of each of us, the vibrations, the thoughts both explict and hidden, the possible point of union between magic and reality. What is hidden and yet contained in a look or a gesture.The work tries to represent beyond what is seen by opening a window on the limits of our limits, on the dream, on mysterious symbols. Her works of painting and sculpture are in various public and private institutions and are in numerous private collections both in Italy and abroad.