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London Art Fair 2021

Blond Contemporary will be exhibiting at the London Art Fair 2021. Returning for it’s 33rd edition, this will be an alternative digital format and will launch Wednesday 20 January till Sunday 31 January.

Please visit our online London Art Fair 2021 Viewing Room to check out the works we are exhibiting.

Svetlana Bogatcheva

The interdisciplinary practice of Svetlana Bogatcheva (b 1986) fuses collage, word art, installation and sculpture, created with a focus on materiality, process, and innovation. Svetlana reuses found textiles, objects, and industrial materials to produce works that explore themes of identity, transformation, personal experience of rootlessness and the climate emergency.

Rubber, plastic, hardware, hair, leather, cotton, ash and sand are assembled into sculptural and tactile, often reflective surfaces and objects that transform with the shifting perspective and light. Individual works evolve during their lifespan in the studio whilst multiple sculptures are composed and recomposed into various installations. Bogatcheva’s sculptures embody a frozen moment of movement, resulting in swirling abstractions, as seen in her series “Rebirth”.

Svetlana Bogatcheva has exhibited internationally with works held in private and public collections. 

The Rebirth series is one of Svetlana’s most iconic works, boldly engaging the spectator’s attention in interpreting the rich formations in texture and colour. The form is dictated by the process and expresses the journey taken by the post-consumer materials. Fused with the artist’s desire to create works that capture light from multi-faceted perspectives, the intricate sculptural forms exude the energy, possibility, and positivity of the start of new life. The Rebirth sculptures are beacons of creativity and innovation that continually inspire and generate new forms in an ongoing, dynamic interplay as the spectator moves around them.

Equally engaging, Svetlana’s mesmerizing canvas works create conceptual landscapes where colour, form and tactility co-exist in inspired harmony. The poetic structures and shapes are enigmatically welcoming, inviting the audience to interpret the works in their own time and pace. This democratic quality defines Svetlana’s practise as a whole: a practise that places her audience in the driver’s seat, allowing each viewer to determine the narrative and how the work is to be viewed and, ultimately, perceived. Her works invite themselves into our lives in a gentle yet impactful way, creating both space and meaning as they convey a sense of breathing that is almost audible, via her deft and delicate use of materials. The overall composition of each canvas orchestrates a delightful interplay between form and structure in equal parts, where colour becomes a protagonist in the eye of the beholder.